SketchUp Visiting Professionals Program Released.

I’m really excited to be a part of SketchUp’s Visiting Professionals Program.

SketchUp just posted its offically release about the program on its SketchUpdate Blog.

Here’s the info from SketchUp’s site if you are interested.


A visit to your school might look like:

Tech Talk/Demo
We have a network of experts, from architects to game designers, who we’ll send to your school to show how they use SketchUp Pro and Layout in their professional lives. You’ll organize dates, secure space and tech needs, announce and promote, and guide the guest speaker around while on campus.


If you like, the visiting professional can conduct a hands-on workshop for groups of students or faculty.

Crits & Pinups

Show our expert what projects you’re working on, and get feedback in a group setting.

Tips & Tricks Hour

Get the skinny on all the tips & tricks for creating beautiful, efficient 3D models and 2D LayOut documents.

Getting started

Fill out the application form
Provide information about possible dates, structure desired, department concentration, funds available, and who the contact person/organizer will be.

We’ll contact you with details
We’ll get dates, resources, and all the details sorted out with you.

The visit
One of our guest professionals will arrive at your school, ready to spend the day with your department.