SketchUp 2014 Now Available

SketchUp updated its website and look for 2014. SketchUp 2014 includes some minor but significant updates. This includes ?improved performance and speed with shadows and some new arc tools. BIM features are now available when creating geometry as well. This is now through the Classifier using industry standards and can be exported to other applications through IFC Export.

The 3D warehouse received a much needed facelift. The site is simplified and should make it easier to filter and preview the better models versus the ones you end up just throwing in the trash because the scale is entirely wrong or messed up.

Lastly, LayOut has some major improvements that excite me the most. I was resistant to use LayOut for some of my presentation and design work because of the minor bugs and missing features. In this release, you can use auto text tags, smart labels that reference geometry names from your model, improved vector rendering (thank you!!!!), and its snappier on larger files.

In all, the improvements to LayOut alone are worth a try to upgrade or update.