Juror for Sketch Competition

As written in the?Architect Magazine blog?posting:

The Designated Sketcher reports that its next competition, the Extrusion Competition: From 2 to 3D, has opened for registration. ?The jury will be looking for the project that best represents a sketch that transitions into a form, while maintaining the original essence of the raw idea,? the organizers write. ?There will be an emphasis on both the graphic and informative nature of the 2D sketch and how well it translates into 3D.? Submittals are due July 22 and the jury includes Lucas Gray, Dan Brown, Jeffrey Pastva, and Jesse Widtfeldt.

The 2nd place winner will receive a 2 hour online SketchUp webinar that I am offering as part of the prize.

Here’s a?link?for more details on the competition.